Paid Traffic is a google adwords management & PPC management agency in Australia. Our company was launched with the sole purpose of helping business owners drive measurable results with their pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google.


Our specialty lies in AdWords— the PPC platform from Google that instantly connects your brand prospects searching for your products or services.

Our marketing experts are AdWords certified with extensive industry experience. We work with businesses of all sizes across Australia to develop and implement paid search campaigns. Even with a limited budget, we deliver solutions that maximise your ad spend and increase your reach online.

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We let the Results do the talking....

"Laurence & Alicia have been invaluable in ensuring that over a 2 year period, All Metro Bins have increased their conversions by over 25%… Great recommendation and ongoing process has been faultless."
Jodie Leather
Always A Step Ahead 

The search landscape has become increasingly complex and continues to evolve. New features are added while others are eliminated. Staying on top of these changes has become necessary to remain competitive in Google AdWords. You have two options then—manage your own paid search campaigns or leave it to our PPC experts.

Results Focused Advertising 

Working with our experienced digital marketing agency means you get access to a team of adwords experts who are at the forefront of the industry. Having worked extensively with clients across different industries, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Cost Effective

Cost savings are another reason to work with a PPC marketing agency. Building an in-house team is simply not practical or cost effective for many small to medium sized businesses. Hiring an AdWords agency allows you to tap into specific skill sets that your company needs. This degree of flexibility gives you greater control over your budget and a team who can strategically manage your AdWords campaign.

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Paul P.

Senior Adwords Manager

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Beer P.

Adwords Specialist

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Bruce W.

Account Manager

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Laurence V.

Account Manager

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Sam H.

Sales Manager

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Nicolas C.

Senior Awords Specialist

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Adrian C.

Account Manager

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Daniel L.

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Talei S.

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Emily R.

General Manager

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Antonio F.

SEM Account Manager

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Josh G.

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David S.

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Adwords Specialist

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Alex M.

Account Manager

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Alicia T.

Account Manager

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Andy M.

Sales Executive