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Enhance Your AdWords Campaign With Ad Extensions

The AdWords platform makes it possible for advertisers to boost ad performance and display even more information about their business with ad extensions. The added prominence that ad extensions deliver has two benefits:

Improved visibility: Rather than the typical text ad that consists of the headline, display URL, and two lines of descriptions, ad extensions display additional types of information that users can act on. This helps your ad stand out even more.

Enhanced value: Ad extensions are particularly valuable as they make it easier for users to find relevant sections of your website and even contact your business correctly by phone if they are on a mobile device.

How Ad Extensions Work?

There are certain requirements that must be met before advertisers can utilise an ad extension.

AdWords requires a minimum Ad Rank which is determined based on your bid and quality of your ad and landing page. Even if you meet all the requirements, there is no guarantee that an extension will display with your ad. Ads in higher positions typically get priority over the use of an ad extension.

Ad extensions are available at no extra cost but you are charged for any actions that are taken on them such as if a user clicks a sitewide link, a call button, or a directions icon. You can keep track of which extensions are displaying and additional relevant information in the Ad Extensions tab.

Here is an overview of the different ad extensions available for PPC and how to utilise them in your campaign.

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions add additional links to the text link which you can designate. Here is an example for a search for “designer sunglasses”:

This extension allows advertisers to promote additional landing pages which display below the text. If a searcher was looking for special deals on sunglasses, they might click on the first link. But if they were looking for Ray-Ban sunglasses then they would click on the second one. Sitelink extensions gives users more choices to visit your landing pages. And they can also drastically increase your click through rates.

Call Extensions

A large number of users conduct searches on mobile devices to find local businesses. With ad extensions, you can add a “call” button where users can call your business directly right from their phone.

Here is a mobile search result with the call extension:

This extension makes it easy for users to quickly contact your business without having to click through to your website, search your contact page, and dial your phone number. Google no longer allows businesses to include phone numbers within the ad copy. Utilise call extensions to ensure that your number is visible in the search results.

Location Extensions

As the name suggests, location extensions allow you to add a direct link to your business address.

This option is particularly attractive if you have a brick-and-mortar business. Linking your Google Places account means that star ratings are eligible to appear in your ad.

App Extensions

If you are looking to promote your app, you may want to consider adding the app extension to your campaign. Users on mobile or tablet devices see your ad with a description of the app along with a button allowing them to install it.

This extension makes it extremely easy for mobile users to easily and quickly install your application on their device. Additional details such as seller ratings will automatically apply if you meet the requiremen

Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of ad extensions, take a moment to go through your campaign to add them. Keep in mind that you must meet certain requirements before you can set them up.

In the next section we cover bid management in more detail.


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