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How to Pass the Adwords Certification Exam

About The Adwords Certification Exam And How To Prepare For It

Google Adwords Certification Exam

Google AdWords lets advertisers reach more customers online through targeted paid search ads.

The way it works is rather straightforward—Ads you create are eligible to appear in the search results based on keywords you’re currently bidding on. Users can then learn more about your products or services by clicking through to your landing page. The cost to advertise depends on a number of factors from how competitive the keywords are to the relevance of your campaigns.

Getting started with AdWords is free with a Google Account. But an understanding of the basics is absolutely essential to creating a campaign that converts. Passing the AdWords certification exam can prove to be valuable whether you’re a business owner or a marketing consultant.

About The AdWords Certification Exam

The Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation from Google. It allows individuals to be recognized as an expert in paid search advertising. Becoming AdWords certified requires a passing score on the AdWords Fundamentals exam plus an additional exam from the list below:

The exams test basic and advanced aspects of AdWords from setting up a campaign to measuring and optimising performance. The AdWords Fundamentals exam consists of 100 questions while the additional exams allot only 70.

Here are the required passing scores and time limits for each exam:

Note that there is no cost to take the AdWords certification exam. But you must score at least 80% on the AdWords Fundamentals exam and an additional exam to become certified. If you don’t earn a passing score, you’ll need to wait 7 days before you can take it again.

Before jumping right in, it pays to be prepared to increase your chances of passing. Here we’ll look at how to pass the AdWords certification exam.

Use Google’s Study Guides

There are a plethora of online resources to help anyone who wants to become AdWords certified but one of the best is the AdWords certification study guide from Google.

Each module covers a range of basic and intermediate aspects of paid search advertising including industry best practices and optimisation techniques. Start by reviewing each section of the AdWords Fundamentals module and be sure to take extensive notes as you go along. By the end you’ll have a better understanding of the following:

  • How AdWords works and the benefits of paid search advertising
  • How the Search and Display networks differ from each other
  • How to measure and optimise ad performance

Then move on to another module once you have a clear understanding of the basics. While you can review only the module of the additional exam you plan on taking, it certainly doesn’t hurt to review the other study guides available.

Subscribe To The AdWords YouTube Channel

Another excellent resource is the AdWords YouTube channel from Google. Just like with the study guides, the channel covers a wide range of basic and intermediate aspects of AdWords.

From the channel you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the new interface
  • Boost ad performance with extensions
  • Choose the right keywords
  • Write better ad copy
  • Track conversions

The videos on official best practices also provide immense value and there are even case studies that feature how business owners are using AdWords to drive more sales. If you learn better visually then the AdWords YouTube channel is a great resource to help prepare for the exam.

Practice With Your Own Campaigns

There is no substitute for hands-on experience. Just like with any skill, practicing will help reinforce the concepts that you’ve learned. Once you’re familiar with the basics, you’ll want to get some practice by setting up and managing your campaigns. Even Google recommends getting actual experience before taking the PPC certification exam.

Start by logging into your account and familiarising yourself with the interface. Then allocate a small budget to create your first campaign. You’ll want to keep a close eye and look for opportunities on what you can do to improve performance.

Next Steps

After extensive review you’ve completed the AdWords Fundamentals study guide and brushed up on what you know by creating your very own campaign. The next step now is to take the exam where you’ll get a chance to earn your AdWords certification.

Start by logging into Google Partners (create an account if you haven’t already). Go to the Certification and AdWords section from the menu on the left hand side. Then click on AdWords Fundamentals and click the Take Exam button:

Just remember that for the AdWords Fundamental exam you have 120 minutes to answer 100 questions and you’ll need to score at least 80% correct. If you pass, your certification will appear on the Google Partners public profile page which will help to highlight your expertise.

Google Partners are marketing agencies or professionals who have been certified to manage AdWords accounts. Those who pass the exam can be distinguished by the Google Partner or Premier Google Partner Badge which shows that a company or individual demonstrates a high degree of expertise in AdWords.

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