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If you’re investing all of your advertising resources into a single search platform, then you’re reach isn’t as broad as it could be. The Bing Ads network is a major contender in Australia, and it offers you access to millions of consumers across the region. In fact, by some estimates Bing could offer access to as many as 3 million unique users in Australia and New Zealand, alone.

That’s 3 million potential customers who probably aren’t even being reached by Google AdWords. It would be a shame to let an opportunity like that slip through your fingers.

Bing Ads offers an impressive suite of features and targeting tools that you can use to calibrate your campaign for maximum success. We can fine-tune your campaign and manage it to ensure that your ads achieve maximum reach for minimum spend.

Why this is the Perfect Time to Organise Your First Bing Ads Campaign

Ever since the rollout of Windows 10 last year, Bing has seen a steady rise in users. This is due largely to the success of Microsoft’s new internet browser, Edge, which has proven to be a vast improvement on Internet Explorer. Bing is the default search engine for Edge, and many Windows 10 users found themselves giving it a try for the first time.

Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant has also helped, to be sure. Every search-related question directed at Cortana is answered through the Bing network. These factors worked together to achieve upwards of a 30 per cent increase in Bing searches on Windows 10 devices (as compared with previous Windows devices).

But Bing has also been open about the fact that it has special plans for Australia. To begin with, Bing counts Australia as one of its top-tier markets. And in his pitch to Australian advertisers, Bing blogger Chris Wallington points out that Australians who search with Bing spend 5 per cent more than the average searcher. In other words, Bing may offer advertisers in Australia a slight premium. 

Let Us Create a Successful Bing Advertising Campaign for You

The Bing advertising platform is very similar to its Google AdWords counterpart. That means that if you’ve had success with Google, you’ll almost certainly have more of the same with Bing. However, your ultimate success depends heavily on how the campaign is configured. 

And one of the benefits of advertising on Bing is that you have – on the whole – fewer searches (and therefore less competition) than on the Google network. This translates to lower cost per click (CPC) and reduced cost per acquisition (CPA).

The latter is particularly important from an ongoing marketing perspective. Bing allows you to spend less on acquiring new customers who are statistically likely to spend a bit more than average searchers. Once those potential customers have been brought into the fold, you can move them through your conversion funnel and continue developing them into repeat customers. 

Contact us today to find out more about how we can expand the online reach of your ads with our Bing Ad management services. 


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