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Advertisers and Google AdWords experts well-versed in remarketing know it is a powerful tool that can enhance CTR and conversions on both display and search networks. According to Advanced Web Ranking, users are 70% more likely to convert if retargeted with display ads and while the average CTR for display ads is only 0.07% it is 0.7% for remarketing display ads. It isn’t just remarketing display ads that are useful for increasing user engagement. The value of RLSA...

In the early 2000s, AdWords was about keywords and bids. Fast forward to today, and Google AdWords now includes time, location, device, audience data and even more signals to help PPC experts make smarter bidding decisions.            With all of these signals available, managing AdWords as a PPC expert can be time-consuming. There are keywords to monitor, budgets to adjust and new ads to create. With automation and Smart Bidding in AdWords, you get some of your time...

Have you ever had the feeling that your eCommerce website is ticking all the right boxes for Google AdWords conversions, yet somehow you are still missing out on sales?Imagine it, you have a strong PPC campaign with conversion driven landing pages and most importantly, the products themselves are fabulous but customers are abandoning their shopping carts at the last minute. It can be frustrating for PPC advertisers and e-commerce site owners alike, having followed best practice PPC...

Most e-commerce retailers are already aware of the power Google Shopping holds for their PPC campaigns. According to a 2016 report from Crealytics the PPC industry has seen a massive uptake in spend on product ads over the last two years.  Google Shopping campaigns have proven to hold an advantage over text ads particularly for retailers whose products have a highly visual impact. Products such as clothes, makeup, decorations, home-ware etc have visual appeal as a key...

It is a commonly held belief that using long tail keyword phrases in your AdWords campaigns is a good strategy for gaining a positive ROI.Long tail search terms tend to contain more detail and are more specific. This means they can potentially be more relevant to the product, service or information your company provides. Since long tail terms are more specific they also tend to have lower search volume and are therefore cheaper. The expected result would...

The consumer journey is not clear cut. Changes in how consumers search presents several challenges in understanding attribution. Not only are people using multiple devices (mobile, desktop, and tablet) devices to search for something, they spend more time online before decision time which includes multiple visits to the same website. People rarely see an ad online and immediately make a purchase as a result.For most consumers, they first learn about a brand through a paid campaign...