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How To Cancel Your Google AdWords Account

There are many reasons for closing a Google AdWords account—You might be unhappy with how your ads are performing or you may simply be moving on to another business venture. Whatever the reason, you can cancel your account and stop your ads from appearing in the search results.

You’ll need the following before you can proceed:

  • Administrative access to your AdWords account
  • Billing information used when setting up your account

Before doing anything though, there are two important distinctions to consider—Cancelling and deleting.

When you cancel your account your ads will stop showing within 24 hours. If there are any costs that your ads have accrued, your primary payment method will be automatically charged. Any unused account balances will be automatically refunded to you. Note that you’ll still be able to login to access your data but you won’t be able to create any new campaigns unless you reactivate your account.

In contrast, if you delete your Google Account then you’ll be unable to access any Google products that are associated with your account including AdWords and Gmail. Only consider this option if you are absolutely certain as you won’t be able to access any part of your account once you confirm.

How to Cancel Your Account

Start by logging into your Google AdWords account and click on the tool icon in the top right of the page. From the drop-down menu, click Preferences:

At the bottom of the page click on Account Status to expand that section. Then simply click Cancel My Account to proceed:

If you don’t see the option above then you may not have administrative access to the account. This is common when the administrative access user is no longer with the company in which case you’ll need to contact AdWords support. Prepare your Customer ID, sign-in email address, and account billing information ahead of time.

Cancelling an AdWords account pauses all current campaigns and you can receive a refund for any unused funds. You can always resume existing campaigns or create new ones by simply reactivating your account.

Before You Cancel AdWords Account

AdWords remains one of the most effective marketing channels to reach audiences searching for your products or services on Google. But creating a profitable campaign requires targeting the right keywords, creating compelling ads and landing pages, and setting up conversion tracking—all of which can be challenging even for experienced advertisers.

If the reason you’re canceling your AdWords account is due to poor performing campaigns, our optimisation guides will help you get started on the right track:

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