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Facebook Advertising

Facebook completely dominates the social landscape.

The platform currently has over 2 billion monthly active users, 17 million of which are right here in Australia. To put that into perspective, that means over 70% of the population actively uses Facebook. The implications are clear: Social media is no longer a fad or trend. It’s a viable marketing channel to reach your target audience and ultimately grow your bottom line.

If your business is not already making the most out of Facebook, your customers are likely shopping from competitors who are. Paid Traffic connects you to your audience with targeted Facebook advertising.

The Benefits

Facebook paid advertising is straightforward: Ads you create are displayed to your target audience as they browse their News Feed from their desktop or mobile device. Users can then interact with these ads by clicking through to learn more, resulting in more traffic and sales of your products.

Increased brand awareness

Facebook has a significant user base which means that your audience is more than likely on this platform. A targeted advertising campaign means greater exposure for your products or services.

More qualified leads

Facebook offers advanced features that let you target new people similar to audiences you have successfully targeted with previous campaigns. This means even more qualified leads who are looking for what your business offers.

Advanced targeting capabilities

Few marketing channels offer the degree of flexibility and targeting as Facebook. A campaign lets you target users by demographics, behaviours, age, gender, and even connections to reach your ideal prospects.

Advanced targeting capabilities

Facebook advertising costs a fraction of other paid marketing channels like PPC. The minimum ad spend is set at just $1 a day so even on a limited budget it’s possible to reach more prospects.

Why Companies Choose Us

Your business simply cannot afford to overlook Facebook advertising. The longer you wait to get started the more marketshare you end up losing to your competitors. But if you’re new to social media, you may not necessarily have the know-how to create an effective campaign.

You have two choices then: You can either learn the ins and outs of Facebook Ads yourself or get help from our experienced marketing team. Here is why more companies choose the latter option:

Industry expertise

You get access to a team of experts with extensive industry experience in social media. We work closely with your organization to create a campaign that aligns with your business goals.

Custom campaigns

A one size fits all approach just doesn’t work. The campaigns we build for your business are not only custom but also highly targeted to reach your ideal prospects.

Measurable results

While other agencies focus on metrics such as Likes, we focus on the metrics that ultimately matter to your bottom line: Conversions. It’s this approach that allows us to maximize your ad spend.

What Our Adwords Management Service Covers

Initial setup: You’ll need to do a few things before you can start advertising on Facebook. We take care of the initial setup process to get your account ready.

Ad creation: With our own team of graphic designers, we create engaging ads that resonate with your audience and get your brand noticed.

Targeting: Attempting to target everyone not only makes your message more vague but also less impactful. We set up your campaigns to target your ideal demographic.

Bidding: Picking the right budget is key to your campaign’s success. We manage and optimize your campaigns to suit your budget.

Reporting: Reports help you see how your ads are performing. We keep you updated throughout the entire process and even provide recommendations.

Facebook Advertising Costs

The actual Facebook advertising cost for your business will depend on a number of factors.

The first is the relevance of your ads. Just like with Google AdWords, your ads are given a relevance score based on how it’s performing. A high score means that your ads are targeted and relevant to your audience which leads to lower advertising costs.

Competition is another factor that influences the cost of advertising on Facebook. The more advertisers there are reaching similar audiences, the more you can expect to pay. Unlike a traditional auction where the highest bid wins, ad placements consider the quality and relevance of an ad. The winner then is decided by the overall value that an ad creates for the target user. Bidding can be fairly complicated but it’s also a crucial step to get the most out of your ad spend.

Why Choose Us?

Paid Traffic offers comprehensive paid search management services that reflect your business goals. When you work with us, you get access to a team of Google AdWords certified experts. We handle all aspects of your campaign from initial setup to ongoing optimisation. Our extensive industry experience with PPC means that we know exactly works and what doesn’t.

Find out how Facebook advertising can drive more sales to your business.