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AdWords Management Services in Melbourne

At Paid Traffic, our experts are all Google AdWords certified. So you can expect professional and high quality services. Our Google AdWords management service is designed to increase your ad reach and maximize your investment as prospects move through the buying cycle.

Our Google Adwords management service includes:

  • Determining the most relevant keywords based on your products or services
  • Creating engaging text ads that compel visitors to click through
  • Choosing the geographic locations to target (useful for local businesses)
  • Building out landing pages that convert visitors into customers
  • Ensuring your campaigns are optimised for mobile devices
  • Optimising your ads to maximise ROI

Why Advertise on Google AdWords?

AdWords is a form of pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Advertisers bid on keywords that are relevant to their business. Search queries that contain those keywords trigger ads in the search results. Prospective customers interested in your offer can then click through to your landing page to make a purchase or fill out a lead form.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, AdWords makes it easy to track conversions to your site right down to the keyword that brought in a sale. So you can allocate your budget accordingly to maximize ROI.

More traffic and sales

A well managed campaign (even with a limited budget) can drive more traffic to your site and increase sales to your business.

Advanced targeting features

AdWords offers advanced features that help you reach audiences locally or anywhere in the world. Some of these features, such as being able to set up call-only campaigns, are perfect for local businesses.

Mobile targeting

By default all campaigns are visible for users on both desktop and mobile devices. So your ads reach even more customers.

Comprehensive reporting

AdWords provides detailed reports so you can see exactly how your campaigns are performing from which keywords convert to the ads that attract more clicks.

How Paid Traffic Can Help You

Google AdWords is the platform that connects your business to more prospects. And Paid Traffic is the answer to maximising the ROI of your paid advertising campaigns.
A well managed AdWords campaign ultimately contributes to your bottom line.

But it takes time to develop an effective AdWords strategy and there are numerous aspects involved to creating a profitable campaign. You cannot simply bid on loosely related keywords and expect to increase sales right away. Doing so without taking the time to research and understand your market is perhaps the quickest way to burn through your budget.

Paid Traffic can help. We follow a proven process that we have successfully implemented for countless businesses in Melbourne and across Australia. The result is a highly profitable campaign that drives more leads and sales to your business. We even offer recommendations based on the detailed reports we provide to maximize campaign performance.

Get Started With AdWords Today

If your business has yet to get started with AdWords, you are losing out on potential sales. Contact us today for AdWords management services in Melbourne and to find out how we can deliver results for your business.

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