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Google Adwords Quality Score

If you want to become a successful Adwords advertiser, you must understand the importance of Quality Score. Marketers all over the world work hard to ensure their clients get the best results from their campaign. However, most people don’t realise the effort they put into that process.

With a low-Quality Score, it’s almost impossible to achieve the full potential of any strategy. Considering that, the information on this page should help to set the record straight. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Quality Score and how it can affect PPC outcomes.

What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is Google’s way of rating the relevance of your PPC campaign and keywords. They use it to determine which adverts take priority when there is a lot of competition. It helps to establish the amount of money you pay for each click, and it also plays a role in your ad rank. When people have a low-Quality Score, it’s almost impossible to get the most for their investment. However, there are many techniques you can use to improve the rating. Your Quality Score depends on many factors like:

  • Your previous Adwords account records
  • How relevant your ad text is considered
  • The relevance of your landing pages
  • Keyword relevance
  • Click-through rate

Unfortunately, Google remains quiet about the ins and outs of each factor. They refuse to let advertisers know which is the most important in the Quality Score formula. However, research shows that click-through rate adjustments make the most impact. When your ads display and someone clicks, Google presumes it was more relevant than others. In that instance, the search engine provides marketers with better ad rankings and lower CPC costs.

Why do you need to improve Quality Score?

Experts spent a long time looking at difference Adwords accounts, and they noticed some similarities. Advertisers who have a high-Quality Score almost always achieve better results. So, you need to optimise your QS to ensure you receive a higher return on your investment. In layman’s terms, you’ll pay less per click, and so there’s more potential for profit. Of course, clicks don’t necessarily mean you’re going to make any money.

So, it’s vital that you focus on your cost per conversion too. That’s how much you have to spend before someone takes the desired action. You might discover that only one person in ten who click your link decide to make a purchase. With that in mind, it makes sense that you should seek the lowest cost per click possible.

What are the best ways to increase Quality Score?

Improving your Quality Score is the best way to improve your ad results. However, there are many different strategies you need to employ to make that happen. You want your ads to appear as often as possible for your chosen audience. So, you need to focus on refining your techniques and improving certain areas like:

Negative keywords

Google allows advertisers to exclude certain keywords from their campaigns. Maybe some words and terms are inappropriate for your strategy even though they’re closely related? When you start trying to improve your results, you need to add as many words as possible to that list.

Landing pages

It’s critical that your landing pages are relevant to your ads. So, don’t run a campaign promoting underwear if you’re going to point people towards a page selling jackets. You get the idea, right? Your landing pages need to match your ads precisely for the best outcomes.

Ad text

Make sure the text used in your ads contains at least one of your chosen keywords. Also, ensure it’s relevant and to the point. The most effective ads will always achieve a higher click-through rate, and that’s the best way to improve Quality Score.

Keyword optimisation

You should aim to split all your keywords into small groups that you can use for ad campaigns. Try to join words together that are closely associated if you want to succeed. You can then run separate ads for each group of keywords to boost your results.

Keyword research

Of course, people who want to find the most lucrative keywords will need to engage in some research. Luckily, the process is straightforward, and it should only take a few hours. There are plenty of free keyword research tools you can use to find the most popular phrases, etc. Just search online and read some reviews to find the most efficient one around today.

When people have low-Quality Scores, there is nearly always a division between their ads and keywords. So, narrowing the field and using tighter search terms is the best way to succeed. Organise your keywords into small and relevant groups, and then run multiple ads to target each. That should stop you from spreading your campaigns too thin.

How can someone check their Quality Score?

If you have a Google Adwords account, checking your Quality Score is simple. You just need to follow the process outlined below this paragraph. Head over to your keywords tab and use one of these two methods:

Perform a keyword diagnosis

Select the “Campaigns” tab at the top of your Adwords page.

Click “Keywords.”

Select the speech bubble next to any particular keyword to learn more. You will encounter the details you require relating to Quality score and click-through rate, etc.

Enable the Qual score feature

Click “Campaigns” and then “Keywords” again.

Find the Qual score column in your statistics section and click “Enable”, then save.

If you don’t see the Qual score column in statistics, you can add it to your page with ease. Just click the menu and select “Modify Columns.” You should then choose “Attributes” and “Add” next to “Qual score”.

What happens if advertisers don’t improve Quality Score?

Good question. It all depends on how many people are competing for the same keywords. If you’re targeting a search term that doesn't have a lot of competition, you should see results without a decent Quality Score. However, people focusing on desirable keywords will always lose out. Companies with better Quality Scores will take priority, and Google will display their ads more frequently. You’ll pay more when someone decides to click your promotion, and you probably won’t attract the most relevant audience. That means your cost per conversion might never lower.

While Adwords is the best digital marketing platform around today, it’s still possible to waste your investment. Indeed, that is why so many business owners choose to employ professionals. When you pay for the services of an expert, you stand the best chances of success. That is because they understand the process inside out, and they will produce better results in half the time. If you have to spend all day on this task, your company will never progress.

So, anyone who doesn’t have enough time to improve their Quality Score will run the risk of losing out. Thankfully, specialist marketers do not charge the earth for their assistance. Most business owners could afford to spend a little more if it meant they would get better outcomes. With that in mind, it might be worth taking a look at your budget and getting in touch with a professional today.

- Achieve a lower cost per click
- Encourage a higher click-through rate
- Boost conversions rates
- Master ad positioning
- Improve ad relevance

Quality Score is one of the most important elements to online advertising success. So, don’t take this issue lightly if you want to beat the competition this year.

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