How to Get a Google Voice Number Without a Phone Number

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How to Get a Google Voice Number Without a Phone Number

Google Voice is a service from Google that aims to better manage your communication channels. Users sign up to receive a free number that can then be used for text messaging, calling, and checking voicemail—all from one app. Google Voice also syncs across your devices so your communications are accessible whether at home or on the go. Previously, Google Voice was only available as invite only but it has since opened up to all Gmail users in the United States.

Here are some of the features of Google Voice:

  • Accessible from your computer or mobile device
  • Free outgoing calls to US numbers
  • Competitive rates for international calls
  • Voice to text transcription for voicemails
  • Automatic spam filtering

Many of these features are available for free but others like call recording and number porting require a paid account. While outbound calls to US numbers are free, rates for making international calls vary but are among the most competitive in the industry. Configurations like Google Voice forwarding can be done on the phone itself.

How to Setup Google Voice

Head to the Google Voice signup page then click the Continue button:

Next, you’ll be asked to choose a Google Voice number. You can choose available numbers by city or area code, or you can opt to skip this step:

If you enter in a city, you’ll see a list of Google Voice numbers that you can select. If you don’t like any of the options shown, you can choose to load even more numbers. On the next page you’ll be asked to add a phone number for verification:

Google will then send you a 6 digit code via text. Once you verify the account, you’re all set up with your new Google Voice Number. Be sure to also install the mobile app for your device to take full advantage of the service.

Setting Up Google Voice Without a Phone Number

Google Voice certainly has appealing features. But one of the major drawbacks is that it requires a working US phone number to register. If you don’t have a local US number, you have several options:

Borrow a Phone Number From a Friend

When signing up for a new Google Voice number, you’ll need to verify a US number. One alternative is to “borrow” a friend’s number from the US and use that to complete your registration. Once you confirm the 6 digit verification code and complete your registration, you have more flexibility in terms of the phone number you used to register your account.

From the Google Voice dashboard, you have the option of changing or even removing the linked phone number entirely from your account. Just note that without a forwarding number, you won’t be able to access your account or manage Google voicemail over the phone.

Get a Local US Phone Number

Another alternative to is to obtain a virtual phone number, also known as direct inward dialing (DID). These are basically phone numbers but they don’t have an actual telephone line associated with it. They can be programmed to forward incoming calls.

Skype Number allows you to get a virtual phone number by country or region. Choose a local US number to activate your Google Voice account

Note that you’ll need an existing Skype account but you can create one for free. The cost for a Skype Number varies depending on the country and the length of the subscription you select. There are also free alternatives you can use to get a virtual number but some providers may deactivate your account and give the number to other users if it’s not active. If you use a free number, remember to remove it from your Google Voice account after you verify it.

Finally, Google Voice is also geo-restricted so you may run into some issues if you are trying to create an account outside the US. One workaround is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and select a US based server to access the main page from a valid US IP address.

Google Voice aims to provide a central location to manage your communications. But a major drawback that prevents many from using the service is that it requires a US phone number. Follow these suggestions to activate a Google Voice number even if you are based outside the US.