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Pay per click advertising is the key to reaching the right customers when they are ready to buy and unlocking more conversions from your website.
To achieve truly successful PPC marketing you will need expert PPC management services and that is precisely what we deliver.
Paid Traffic is not your average digital marketing agency. We are elite specialists in Google AdWords, the world’s leading PPC technology.
We have delivered unrivalled PPC campaign management services for businesses across Australia and internationally. We are also proud to say our parent company Digital Monopoly is one of only a few Google Premier Partners in the country.
While we have an extra special place in our heart for Google AdWords, we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves the best PPC management company around without experience in all forms of PPC management. Paid Traffic is also home to paid social specialists and Bing ads experts, which means you won’t find a more comprehensive approach to PPC services.

Our PPC Management Services

Looking to expand your customer base and excel in paid search, display advertising or paid social? With our highly skilled team of PPC managers, you are sure to find the right services.


PPC is the quickest way to push traffic to your website and AdWords remains the number 1 PPC advertising platform with over 70% market share.
Our Google AdWords management services cover everything from in-depth research and strategic planning to campaign creation, ongoing management, conversion tracking and detailed reporting to deliver the best ROI and customer service possible.

Google Shopping

Since we specialise in both Google AdWords management and e-commerce, Paid Traffic is the natural choice for all your Google Shopping PPC management services. We can help you set up your Merchant Center account, guide you through crafting the perfect product data sheet and link your account to AdWords. As a PPC management firm, well versed in remarketing and video marketing, we can also take your shopping campaign to exciting new heights.


Our Facebook PPC management services allow businesses to advertise to the 2 billion users who use Facebook every month. PPC management is not just about SEM or publisher websites anymore. With highly visual PPC ads, remarketing, similar audiences, video advertising and much more, Facebook advertising is not to be missed.


Attracting customers to your site is only the first stage in reaching a sale or lead. 96% of first time visitors to your site are not yet ready to convert. However, previous visitors are far more likely to convert when you market to them again. Paid Traffic can increase the conversion rate of your PPC campaigns with remarketing across search, display, social networks and with email remarketing.

PPC Audits

Not sure if you need professional PPC management or not yet ready to switch providers? Receive a professional PPC audit from Paid Traffic’s certified AdWords specialists to see where your PPC management is failing to deliver ideal results.


Google ads may have greater potential reach but PPC management services with Bing ads can achieve excellent ROI. The cost per click of Bing ads is on average 33.5% cheaper than AdWords and they have a lower cost per conversion. Bing is an ideal choice for businesses looking to reach the largest market with multi PPC platform advertising.


The best PPC management services should not stop once the user reaches your website. AdWords, Bing and Facebook PPC services provide state of the art software but without effectively optimised landing pages you cannot achieve the results you’re looking for. Conversion rate optimisation is the mechanism which takes you from good PPC management to great PPC management. We use some of the finest PPC management tools to track onsite behaviour and test your landing pages to deliver highly converting PPC campaigns.

What’s included in our PPC campaign management services?

Paid Traffic have four standard pricing packages to suit a range of budgets starting from only $94 a week. We can also customize our packages’ features around your industry. Here are the PPC management services you will benefit from with Paid Traffic

Setup services

Keyword & Competitor analysis

Google Analytics + Adwords  Setup

Tracking Setup

Remarketing & In-market audience setup

Google Shopping setup

Ongoing management services

Dedicated account manager

Regular phone calls

Budget management

Keyword matching options

Keyword bid management

GEO targeting

Analysis and reporting services

Detailed performance reports
Search query report analysis
Invalid/fraud click analysis
Month one set up report

Find A Package That Suits Your Budget

AdWords Management: What You Should Know

AdWords PPC advertising is an extremely flexible and cost-effective way to drive sales and leads quickly. To get the most out of your AdWords management there are some important factors to be aware of before moving forward with your new PPC management firm.

Do you need professional PPC management?

In order to run continually effective pay per click marketing for good return on investment, your campaigns must be closely monitored. Many businesses make the costly mistake of trying to run PPC campaigns themselves. Unless you have extensive training and experience in PPC management, you will likely struggle to find all the functionality which can make your campaign profitable. Even those with some PPC experience fail to dedicate adequate time to testing, research and PPC campaign monitoring. Professional PPC managers know all the ins and outs of pay per click advertising platforms. They can leverage the advanced PPC tools and techniques to ensure you are receiving the best returns possible.

Communicate your priorities clearly

It is important to communicate regularly with your account manager to enable the best AdWords management service. By communicating your priorities, your account manager can adjust bids accordingly for the desired results. AdWords enables you to set keywords bids, allowing prioritization of high intent searches and your most profitable services.
During our research, we can help you discern appropriate bids for your industry keywords and there are also automated bidding strategies to choose from for larger campaigns.

Understand your budget

You will pay your budget directly to Google and this cost is separate from the fees you pay to your AdWords management company.
AdWords works with daily budgets to allow complete control over your spend. Campaigns can be paused and relaunched at any time and your PPC manager can set scheduling for ads to only show when you want them to.
We can increase, decrease or redistribute your budget across campaigns in response to your business needs and your account manager can help you choose an appropriate budget and bid management strategy for your goals.

How Our PPC Management Company is Different

Paid Traffic are a unique PPC management company. We have offices in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra and we believe we are the best PPC management company in the area. This is because we never make clients compromise on service.
You won’t have to choose between a friendly, attentive local service and enjoying the expert knowledge of a top PPC firm. At Paid Traffic you receive a dedicated account manager at your local branch and qualified PPC specialists to work on your campaigns.
The best part is we specialise in small – medium sized businesses and craft strategies around your financial requirements. We are committed to delivering the best ROI possible for your budget.
Another feature that makes our PPC management company very special is that we are also able to offer the full spectrum of digital services. Through our parent company Digital Monopoly, you can receive web design, web development, app development, SEO, CRO, social marketing, content marketing and video marketing services. PPC management is far more powerful when viewed as part of a cohesive digital marketing strategy.

How to Choose a Google AdWords Manager

Choosing the right AdWords manager can be a tough decision. With so many PPC management firms claiming to be reliable how can you ensure you are really receiving a high quality PPC manager?
We believe in transparency and helping clients to understand the value of their investment, so here are some tips for choosing the right AdWords manager.

Do some research.

It is always good to research AdWords, so that you can ask prospective firms a few technical questions to check their knowledge level. Browse the Paid Traffic FAQ and blog sections to expand your AdWords knowledge prior to meeting with prospective PPC firms and you will be in good shape to see through industry jargon.

Enquire about reporting.

Reporting and communication are essential if you are to understand the success and value of your PPC investment. Always enquire about how much reporting you will receive and what will be included in those reports.

Have they got a proven track record of success?

Ask for examples of how they helped other businesses improve their PPC results. This will reveal if their claimed experience is real.

Check who your personal AdWords manager will be.

Always ensure you are assigned an individual PPC manager who you can contact with any questions regarding your PPC campaign management.

Check for qualifications.

AdWords managers who receive certification from Google have undertaken yearly examinations to prove their skill and keep up to date with the latest PPC knowledge. Look out for Google Partners and Google Premier Partner badges on your prospective agency’s website.

Google AdWords Management Made Simple

We understand that as a business owner you don’t have time to spend hours every week worrying about your Google AdWords management. Unfortunately, you cannot just set up PPC campaigns and forget about them. That is a sure path to a wasted budget and unsatisfactory results. Pay per click marketing is supposed to help grow your business and for that you need diligent PPC management.
This is why you must invest in professional PPC campaign management from experts in the field. We provvide attentive Google Adwords management and other PPC management services, so you can concentrate on running your business.
Paid Traffic make Google Adwords management simple with our scalable packages, advanced management tools and no tie in contracts.

 Contact us to today to discuss your PPC marketing strategy.