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How to Setup a Google AdWord Account?

Google Adwords is the advertising platform of choice for most online marketers these days. It’s simple to use, and anyone can get started with minimal investment. Indeed, you just need to satisfy a few straightforward specifications to gain acceptance.

We’re going to explain a little more about Adwords and how it works on this page. We’ve also included a guide that shows you how to set up the Adwords account without too much hassle. There is no point promoting a website without making Google’s advertising platform part of your strategy. You will always lose out to the competition because they will use the tool every day.

What is Google Adwords?

As we just mentioned, Google Adwords is the best platform for online promotion available right now. It enables marketers to target internet users using a range of different tools. If you know some basic information about your target market, Adwords makes it easy to reach them online.

Ads display at the top of search listings and on any websites that use the Adsense component. As most people use the internet on a daily basis, that means you can put your brand in front of the audience that matters most. One of the best things about this service is that you don’t need to make a minimum investment. You can get started with as little as $10, and you can run the shortest or longest campaigns you want.

What does someone need to open an Adwords account?

In most instances, you only need two things to open an Adwords account and start advertising. We’ve listed them below in the hope of setting the record straight. Of course, Google reserves the right to refuse any applications. So, sometimes you might have to wait a while or make alterations to your site to keep them happy. However, you just need these two things before you get started:

  • A well-built, relevant website with easy navigation

Adwords adverts will send internet users to a page on your site. So, it’s vital that you have a clean domain that appears professional. You’ll never achieve the best results if you send people to pages that look amateur or dodgy. Your goal is to make those internet users turn into customers after landing on your chosen pages. That is why you must make sure your ads accurately reflect the content. For example, if you’re advertising the sale of guitars, you don’t want to push people towards a page selling drums. You get the idea, right? The people clicking the guitar advert want to find a page with many relevant products. They are very unlikely to spend money if you send them towards items that don’t match the description of your ad.

  • Commitment to the long-term project

Unfortunately, you’re not going to experience incredible results from Adwords overnight. You have to mess around with the targeting options and landing pages for the best outcomes. That takes time, and so you need to make a long-term commitment. You’ll have to work hard to create the best ad groups, and then improve your use of keywords. You’ll also need to boost your Quality Score and offer the best user experience. We would recommend that you spend at least six weeks on a campaign before trying something new. However, you’ll have to check the results every day, and that takes time. If you’re too busy, you might like to consider outsourcing.

How does someone open an Adwords account?

If you meet the specifications laid out by Google, opening an Adwords account only takes a few minutes. Indeed, it’s a simple three-step process that even a child could follow. That said, many people still choose to employ the services of professionals to ensure they don’t get anything wrong. The issue is that website owners who aren’t accepted by Google might have to wait a long time to reapply.

Step 1: Opening the account

Firstly, you need to type “Adwords” into Google’s search engine and then visit the appropriate website. From there, you can make the application in a matter of minutes. You just need to enter information about your business and your website. The service also asks if you’d like to use your existing Google account or set up a new one. As you’ll want to keep all your Adwords correspondence together, it’s wise to open a new account. That way, you’ll have a dedicated inbox for your advertising campaigns, and the messages won’t get mixed in with all your other emails. If everything goes according to plan, you should receive a confirmation message with a link to activate your account.

Step 2: Adding your details

Now you have an active Adwords account; you just need to enter some basic details before you can begin. In most instances, that means information that relates to time zones, currency preferences, and more. It’s just a housekeeping task that you have to perform to ensure Adwords works as expected. If you live in Australia, you won’t want your currency to display in GBP or American dollars. That makes sense, right? The process should only take a few minutes, and once it’s complete, you’re almost there!

Step 3: Completing billing information and starting to advertise

Google likes to know that you’re going to pay for your advertising promptly. So, they make you enter some credit or debit card information at this point. That’s so that they can bill you for any ad campaigns. You have two different options when it comes to billing in most situations. You can choose automatic payments that Google will take during your campaigns. Alternatively, you can select manual payments. At this stage, you can also enter any promo codes you might have received. Many new website owners will get a letter from Google offering them up to $150 worth of free advertising when they’re just starting out. Make sure you take advantage of that offer because it’s a fantastic deal.

If you managed to follow that process to the letter, you should have an active Adwords account at your disposal. That means you can now begin to set keywords and run campaigns at will. Of course, you should always perform a lot of market research before making an investment. Advertisers who blindly target internet users without the right information will always lose money. You need to know which terms and phrases people are typing into search engines to find websites like yours. You’ll also need to create lists of negative keywords that you don’t want Adwords to target.

Advertisers who want to get the most from their investment will need to learn how to optimise their campaigns. That could mean working to boost click-through rates, Quality Scores, and conversion rates. We have pages that explain the ins and outs of all those subjects. So, you don’t need to leave this website to increase your understanding of those tasks.

At the end of the day, getting the best results from your Adwords campaigns often requires a lot of hard work. That is why so many new business owners decide to employ a digital marketing agency to manage the process on their behalf. It’s not as expensive as you might think, and it would mean you have more time to focus on the growth of your operation. Maybe you should assess your results after a few weeks and see if you could benefit from some professional help? Opening your Adwords account might seem like a simple process, but making money is an entirely different ballgame.

Whatever you decide, never invest a lot of cash until you’re confident it will create the desired results.

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